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Due to the economic crisis more and more motorists are opting for part worn tyres. Many of us at some point can honestly say we have bought part worn tyres, but do they really save us money in the long run? Large companies such as Energy-Saving Trust and Tyre Safe believe that buying part worn tyres are not as cost-effective as you would think.

Part worn tyres facts and figures

The good news is the Energy-Saving Trust is an independent charity and has not affiliated directly with the tyre industry. Based on their calculations buying new tyres in contrast to worn could actually improve fuel consumption by 7.5 per cent. This in turn would reduce CO2 emissions and help your car run more cost effective.

The advantages of buying a new tyre is that you can check the label (which is similar to large kitchen appliance labels). You can check the tyres energy efficiency, performance, wet weather grip, durability and tyre noise. When buying part worn tyres you are left to trust the tyre technician on how well they perform, their rolling resistance, etc.

The legal tread limit is 1.6mm, most second-hand tyres are bought at approximately 3mm; this means there will be only 1.4mm usable tread left. Part worn tyres cost in the region of £40.00 depending upon size. Furthermore, 1.4mm tread produces roughly 4,000 miles of motoring depending upon the weight of the car. A new unused tyre has an 8mm tread; this gives 6.4mm usable tread and approximately 18,000 miles of motoring.

It stands to reason that buying part worn tyres or even budget tyres is all dependent upon your motoring requirements ie. how many miles you drive every year. However, the only drawback to buying part worn tyres is that motorists are completely reliant on the technician's word. You have to therefore ask the question will a part worn tyre offer decent performance, rolling resistance, good energy efficiency, wet weather grip, good durability and acceptable tyre noise?

What are your thoughts? Are you happy with part worn tyres? Or, do you prefer new ones?