Thursday 8th November 2012
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Road rage occurs every day on our UK roads; it is considered to be an aggressive, or even violent behaviour. When behind the wheel your character can really be challenged and put to the test. Depending on whether you are in a rush or not, or whether you haven't relieved stress yet road rage can be your worst enemy. Many of us have seen the signs on phones, t-shirts and pictures in our local towns that display the words 'keep calm and carry on'. This could be a great slogan to combat any road rage offender. Each year surveys are also conducted by insurance companies to monitor our nation's standard of motoring.

So how good is your driving?

Many things can trigger an emotional outrage when behind the wheel. These infuriating attitudes can be caused by:

• Staying up too late or had too much to drink the previous night.
• Had an argument or disagreement with a family member before leaving the house.
• Received some upsetting news.
• Driving being a chore that just gets in the way and isn't satisfying.
• Dissatisfied with the weather.
• You are emotionally outraged by another driver shouting out verbal abuse.
• Disgruntled about the increase of fuel.
• Frustrated about insurance prices.
• Aggravated by the amount of potholes there are in our UK roads.
• Irritated by congestion.
• Someone tried to jump your parking space - consciously or sub-consciously.
• Another motorist gave you a dirty look or flipped their finger for no apparent reason.
• You had a near-miss accident or collision.
• Another motorist is on their mobile phone oblivious to what's happening around them.
• Annoyance from other drivers trying to dangerously over take or gesturing at you from driving too close behind their car.
• Cutting in front of you especially when swapping lanes at the last minute.

Should road rager's get help?

The list is endless, but not everyone intentionally goes out to commit road rage. However, it is a fact that some motorists make it their ambition to make other motorists driving experience a miserable one - these people really should be seeking some professional help for anger issues.

Wouldn't it be great if everyone's driving experience was a peaceful pleasant one with all motorists being courteous to one another knowing that they will still reach their destination in a much calmer and nicer way.

If you are a careful driver what would your response be if another driver annoyed you?

The definition of deliberate road rage is defined as 'wanting to intentionally cause harm to another driver'.

Do you think that motorists need to pay more attention to their driving behaviour? Tell us your thoughts on road rage behaviour. Please leave your comments below.