Wednesday 11th September 2013
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When people begin to learn to drive during their driving lesson's, new drivers are taught some excellent habits. However, after many years of driving everyone tends to develop bad driving behaviour. The major cause of fatal accidents is usually fatigue, attitudes, lack of driving experience, in a rush, speeding, lack of concentration, silly risk takers and more.

Understanding driving behaviour

There are a few gadgets that can assess your driving behaviour and have proven to be really helpful. Some of names for these amazing gadgets are the modern Lightfoot driving behaviour technology, Smart Telematics and more.

These new gadgets on the market are excellent at empowering motorists to drive better. Depending upon which gadget you buy, they can assess braking, speed, RPM, fuel consumption and idle time. Another benefit to having one of these new gadgets fitted is that motorists can experience instant feedback. By using one of these special gadgets motorists can identify their weaknesses and begin to set a brand-new benchmark in driving behaviour.

Drivers assume they can drive tired and not fall asleep. Additionally, drivers intentionally take risks by driving too close to another driver; they believe they can perform an emergency stop without having a fatal accident. Drivers drive too close either, not to let another car in front or worse tailgating.

Overtaking, or suddenly turning right precariously is a major killer. Motorists take no forethought in distances and so feel they can make it overtake another driver without causing harm.

The key to better driving behaviour in the UK is to purposely be attentive. Thoroughly double check distances for overtaking, stopping and what is in front. Proactively checking what is ahead would include other motorist behaviours, traffic jams, traffic lights, junctions and pedestrians.

Should you doubt your driving behaviour abilities, contact a driving school to enhance your driving skills. Refreshing yourself with how you were originally taught could be the key to safer driving.