Wednesday 23rd May 2012
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The Audi Q3 has undergone testing and been rated as the best in its class in the Small Off-Road 4x4 category.

Testers from the European consumer protection initiative gave the car five stars - the highest score that can be achieved - for passive crash safety.

Whilst Audi spare parts will be a necessity for anyone unfortunate enough to crash the Q3 that needs to get the car back in full working order, the most important thing is that the safety the vehicle provides for its driver and passengers appears to be the best you can get for a car of its type.

Assessed for the protection of adults and children in frontal and side collisions, as well as for pedestrians, the Q3 was returned with a five star rating that demonstrates the top class nature of its safety features.

And in addition to the security that the car guarantees its passengers, a number of assistance systems are also included that give drivers further help when it comes to avoiding crashes.

The technology used to do so has been adopted from some of the higher range Audis, and includes radar sensors that give the driver a better idea of what is going on around them.

The side sensors on the wing mirror can detect cars within a distance of 70 metres, and flash yellow when another vehicle is approaching any blind spots, making merging on the motorway a far safer process. This activates when the Q3 reaches a speed of 19mph.

Similarly, active lane assist becomes operational at 40mph and informs drivers when they are edging towards lane markings, helping them hold a steady and central course.

Success for the Audi Q3 in gaining five stars on the safety scale means its bodywork - as well as driver assistance systems - make it a great option that provides protection for everyone, both inside and out of the vehicle.