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The new Audi R8 LMX is set to be the first production car fitted with laser high beams.

The R8 LMX just beats the BMW i8 into production and to this title of the first production car with laser high beams. These new laser high beams will give light out twice the distance of the standard LED high beam.

The laser module on each headlight has four high-powered laser diodes which together generate a blue laser beam which is only 300 micrometers wide. The laser high beams will not replace the LED high beams, but will add to them. The laser beams will only kick in at speeds above 60kmh and the car has a camera-based sensor which can detect on-coming traffic and alters the light beam so as not to blind the on-coming traffic.

The new R8 LMX will be fitted with the 5.2L V10 570bhp engine which is capable of 0-62mph in a time of 3.4seconds. It will be coupled to a 7-speed dual clutch S-tronic gearbox and will be fitted with 19” alloy wheels. There are only 99 units to be produced and all of them will only be available in Arc Blue body colour. Inside they are fitted with a black interior and the car will cost a whopping £170,000.

What do you think of the new R8 LMX and its laser high beams? Share your thoughts in our comments box below.

Watch the video below for a look at the new Audi R8 LMX:

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