Friday 1st May 2015
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Finally, the weather is beginning to warm up.  Those of us with convertibles or sun roofs can start to enjoy the warm breeze and feel the sun on our cheeks again.  But if you aren’t lucky enough to own a top down what is on the market to tempt you into the local dealership? Old convertibles used to mean that the inside was noisy, with poor handling due to lost body strength.  Modern convertibles  are much better built so there are far less compromises to be made.  Here’s our pick of the best convertibles for 2015.

Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet

The convertible version is a great little top down to motor around in during the summertime. The roof comes down in 18 seconds under 18 mph and has a terrific engine.  Sadly, there is a downside as the boot space decreases from 350 litres to 250 litres.

Porsche Boxster roadster

Porsche Boxter Roadster

Ok, it’s pricey we know that but who knows when you might win the Lotto!  For a dream sports car experience you need look no further. The mid engine layout means that going round corners makes it a fun drive.  A well built interior and excellent performance puts this near the top of our list.

Citroen DS3 Cabrio convertible

It’s so dinky cute we are in love and the car can have lots of specs added.   The roof is like a full length fabric sunroof meaning less wind noise and buffeting and takes up less boot space.  Only downside is that you can’t access the boot when the roof is down, but given the gorgeous cuteness of this little beauty we can forgive a lot.  Prices start from a reasonable £15,000.

Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet

Exuding elegance and refinement this Merc which replaced the Mercedes CLK gives a quiet and comfortable ride.  A wide choice of engines is available and there is even a flap that comes out of the windscreen to deflect wind away from passengers.  Further comfort is provided by vents located around the headrests which act like scarves for the driver and front passenger.

If you want to find out more about convertibles check out this site which is brilliant for convertible fans.