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The key time for summer holidays is August as the kids are off school and many families will be heading to the airport.  So what is the best way to get to the airport, bearing in mind luggage, timing and cost? Here is a list of the pros and cons of the options available.

Pros and cons of different forms of transport

Driving your own car - There is nothing worse than jumping into your own car and having to drive hundreds of miles to get to the airport. Driving in your own car can be exhausting, it is not just the driving though, you have to pre-organise parking and find it when you arrive. Furthermore, there is the dreaded hassle of the return journey and worse still who knows what the traffic will be like! Traffic jams are a nightmare, whether you are heading to the airport or returning home. Driving in your own car is exhausting to say the least and we haven't even mentioned the cost of short and long term parking.

Renting - Other forms of transport are hiring a car or a minibus, but you will still be faced with the same problems as driving your own car – the nightmare traffic jams. Nevertheless, the only hassle you will not experience is airport parking, at least with hiring a car you can give it in once you arrive at the airport.

Coaches – These forms of transport are cheap, probably the cheapest unless everyone chips into sharing a minibus. They are not the cosiest though, and you can feel claustrophobic, but you don’t have to worry about tiredness because you are free to take a nap whenever you want. Furthermore, because there are toilets on board, you don’t have to keep stopping for toilet breaks. Some coaches are extra luxurious; they can have on board coffee and snacks ready to purchase. Coaches are relatively easy forms of transport, and you know exactly what time you will arrive. Coach arrival times appear to be quite accurate regardless of traffic jams.

Trains – Trains can be unreliable, they can be delayed or even cancelled.  When you do get on the train space is limited and fellow passengers can be quite noisy. Travelling by train can be a little more comfortable than coaches, there are toilets and usually a small refreshments area or trolley. The advantage of travelling by train is how fast you reach your destination – well if it arrives on time!

Taxis – This type of transportation is very expensive unless you live close to the airport. It is a great way to travel, and it is stress free if you have the cash to spash!

Tips to make your journey easier and stress free

Your journey to and from the airport is just as much part of your holiday as the flight. There is one thing I have learned from travelling the world, if you want a stress-free holiday, then travel the day before your flight.

Book a motel or hotel for one night on your outbound journey and one night for your return. This way it doesn’t matter what form of transportation you take, if there are traffic jams, you will not miss your flight –guaranteed!

If you can't do this then allow for plenty of time to travel, make sure you know your route and be aware of other route and transport means in case of problems.  Good luck!