Wednesday 20th May 2015
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So you are in the market for a new car but you've got a budget.  What are the best new cars under £10,000?

Hyundai i10

This has been scoring well on all fronts.  Prices start at £8,345 so it ticks the affordability box.  Inside the noise level is pretty reduced with a lot of comfort and entertainment functions, and outside the i10 has a pretty sporty look.  The SE spec with a 1.0 engine lands into insurance group 1 which is the cheapest group available. Hyundai also provide a five year unlimited mileage warranty.

Suzuki Alto

The Alto has some really great benefits. Priced at £7,199 it is the UK’s fifth cheapest car.  It’s fun to drive, compact and light with great manoeuvrability.  Its free to tax , insurance is cheap and labour and parts are affordable.  Also, CO2 emissions from 99g/km make this a more environmentally friendly car.

Nissan Note

The Note Visia Limited edition is available at £9,995.  It comes with a very impressive list of specs including Bluetooth, Cruis Control, stop/start and USB connectivity.  It has a lifted roofline and higher ride height which is great for users who are less able and the higher seating position gives improved visibility behind the wheel.

Volkswagen Up

Starting from £8,265 the car is pretty roomy outside as Volkswagen has used the box shape hatch to make the cabin as roomy as possible.  The three cylinder engines power up this little beauty and makes it one of the best city cars around at the moment.

Peugeot 107 and 108

These cars will appeal in two very different ways.  The 107 is being replaced so it is very likely that as it is nearing the end of its life dealers will offer  big discounts so this is great news if you are really budget conscious.  The 108 can come with a lot of specs so if your budget can stretch a bit and you want lots of equipment and personalisation then this could be the motor for you.

Vauxhall Corsa

The ubiquitous Vauxhall Corsa, beloved of driving instructors and new drivers everywhere starts from £8,995.  If you want value for money then this is your car; cheap to run, own and insure, while also being very practical.  Should you want to spend more you can increase the connectivity and go upmarket with the upholstery.  However, for speed they won’t thrill you unless you invest in more than the usual 1.0 litre engine, especially if you compare it with the ecoboosted Ford equivalent.

Toyota Aygo

At only £7,995 the Toyota is cheap already, however, it is about to be replaced so like the 107 you might find you get some big discounts on it at dealerships. You can get hold of the Aygo x-Play spec with comes with Bluetooth, AUX and other little luxuries like leather steering wheel and air con which is pretty good for under £10k.

Skoda Fabia

Just sneaking under £10,000 is the Fabia which will give you change of £55 if you go for the 1.2 12V ‘S’ model.  Plus points include cheap insurance, free tax, attractive styling and more space than many other hatchbacks.

Ford Fiesta

The best selling car in England right now and for good reason.  Latest models start from £9,645 so it has affordability on its side as well as the aforementioned ecoboost engines which gives it superior performance compared to its rivals. Low insurance, easy to find spare parts, good space and great driving experience all make the Fiesta a great little car in this price range.

Ford Ka

If you’re a Ford fan and you just need a small little run around you could do far worse than the Ka, priced at just £8,725. It’s great as a runaround but not brilliant for space, specs or longer journeys.

Dacier Duster and Sandero

Dacia offer two cars in this budget range. The best option is the Sandero which is very cheap at only £5,995. Sadly, is not the fastest in its range with 75bhp, but if you are willing to pay a few grand more on specs then it might suit your needs.  The best thing about the car is that it is value for money.  The Duster is a compact front wheel drive SUV with a 1.6 litre petrol engine. Plus point is that the ride height is nice for the elderly but it doesn’t perform so well in Euro NCAP safety tests.

Can you tell us about a car that is a real bargain, drives beautifully and is cheap to run that we haven't listed?