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The dynamic duo that heads up the bloodhound rocket car is Richard Noble the Project Director and Andy Green the driver. There are also many other team members within the engineering, electrical, communications, education and sponsorships side. These people are extraordinary, and they are amazingly talented. The Project Team will be in command of the bloodhound rocket car and its global success. In over 18 month’s time, Andy Green will be answerable to the world for the 1,000 mph Land Speed Record. The bloodhound rocket car event will take place on Hakskeen Pan in South Africa.

Bloodhound rocket car adventures

The bloodhound rocket car is literally a supersonic car. Supersonics will drive faster than the speed of sound. The design is similar to a rocket and a spaceship, but instead of being vertical it is horizontal. As a result of being horizontal and still having four wheels that touch the ground, it can still be called a car.

The bloodhound rocket car is roughly 14 metres in length, and its weight is more than seven tonnes. Two wheels are positioned at the front under and within the body casing and two wheels are positioned externally at the rear. The bloodhound rocket car is capable of producing 135,000 bhp; this is six times greater than any Formula 1 car. The bloodhound is constructed of carbon fibre monocoque (sourced by Wikipedia) and the rear is assembled with panelled metal.

The making of this rocket car has taken months; however, there are still some parts to reamass and assemble. Sponsorships are hard to find because the car is not totally finished. Present sponsorships are Serco who operates speed cameras, Rolls Royce, Cosworth, Cisco, British Army, Royal Air Force, various universities, MTN, RIS and some other accredited organisations.

The goal for completing the bloodhound rocket car is mid October. All sponsorships are welcome through their website here.