Thursday 13th February 2014
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Say hello to the new BMW i3 2014, BMW's second ever battery powered car. BMW's first creation was the i8 sports car, which is now out on sale. Electric cars are unconventional for BMW, but they have invested many years to perfect their two present i-ranges. When big companies like BMW begin investing in the latest technologies, we know we are entering into a new era. Despite the quiet EV climb over the years, we now know plug-in's will be shaping the future.

BMW i3 2014 specifications

The i3's alluring sporty design with a slight SUV demeanour is strikingly attractive. Even though the i3 is BMW's smallest car and is similar in size to the Ford Fiesta, its interior space can be quite deceiving. With a city cab tallness and just under four-foot in width, the i3 offers ample height and legroom even for the taller than average person. The 260 litre boot is quite small, however when the 50:50 split rear seats are folded down the space increases to 1,100 litres.

The BMW i3 2014 has an attractive exterior which portrays the famous BMW's chrome kidney grilles, but with a twist of elegance. The grilles are fully enclosed to improve the super mini's aerodynamics. Furthermore, the 19-inch alloy wheels not only reduce the rolling resistance, but enhance the i3s aerodynamics even further. The grilles covers are offered in two colours to compliment the exterior colourings, these are blue or grey.

The BMW i3 2014 super mini has four interior trim levels which are standard, loft, lodge and suite. Whichever you choose, you will not be disappointed, choices vary from leather upholstery, certified eucalyptus wood and textile materials sourced from 100 per cent recycled polyester. Each interior trim design will offer a pleasant balance, which will accentuate a modern twist.

BMW offers two i3 choices which are the BMW i3 2014 eDrive, and the Ranger Extender. The all-electric BMW i3 is designed for city use and has the capability of driving eighty to a hundred miles thanks to its high-voltage lithium battery. The Ranger Extender is for those who are more adventurous as it offers the same power train, but with the additional petrol generator to produce worry free driving. The Range Extender kicks in when the battery needs recharging, which enables motorists to drive the extra distance needed.

The BMW i3 2014 Range Extenders weight is 1315kg and is predominantly constructed of carbon fibre reinforced plastic, in short this is CFRP. Other light weight structures are the hollow drive shafts, some cabin fittings, the honeycomb windscreen wipers, aluminium suspension and its wheels. The lightweight structure balances the heaviness of the 230kg lithium battery, and produces better emissions.

The price tag for the BMW i3 2014 starts at £30,680.00. However, there are optional extras, which will increase the starting price.