Thursday 24th May 2012
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Several new additions to the range of BMW spare parts currently on the market could soon be made after the manufacturer unveiled its latest attempt at a hybrid vehicle.

The German carmaker today (April 23rd) premiered its new BMW i8 Concept Spyder at the Beijing Motor Show.

A mid-engined sports car, the two-seater convertible comes with an electric-driven front axle and a petrol-driven rear axle.

According to BMW, this gives the car the performance of a sports car with the fuel economy of much smaller vehicle.

The car can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just five seconds - nearly the same as the current BMW M3, but uses only three litres of fuel per 100 kilometres - nearly half of the fuel consumption of a BMW 118i.

Although only a concept vehicle, car parts used on the Spyder and its already unveiled sister model the i8 Concept could find their way onto the manufacturer's production models, with the company planning on releasing a commercially available series of BMW i Series cars in 2013.

The Spyder is the first model to come with the new eDrive designation - a tag BMW says it will use on all future electric and plug-in hybrid cars from BMW i.

This will denote that the car comes with an electric motor developed in-house by BMW, the manufacturer's lithium-ion battery and its intelligent motor management system.

According to BMW, this system, unlike those used in other electric vehicles, allows the car to access the full torque available to it from a standing start - meaning acceleration increases consistently until the top speed is attained

"Vehicles with BMW eDrive technology are extremely agile and offer enormous driving pleasure," claims BMW. "The lithium-ion battery cells and the intelligent motor management system also offer a substantial increase in range and power."