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Feeling drowsy behind the wheel can cause serious accidents and drivers are always advised to stop if they feel tired. But sometimes motorists simply do not realise how sleepy they are.

That's why Bosch has launched a new system that can detect the initial signs of fatigue through steering control and other variables and alert the driver before it's too late.

Driver Drowsiness Detection can be installed in both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles and integrated with the various car parts in the vehicle, although it will feature as standard in the new Volkswagen Passat Alltrack.

Bosch points out that when a motorist is tired, their steering behaviour and response time is affected and they tend to correct smalls teering mistakes with greater frequency.

According to government statistics, almost 20 per cent of accidents on major road are caused by driver drowsiness, while sleep-related accidents are more likely to result in a fatal or serious injury than other types of motoring incidents.