Monday 18th November 2013
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Subzero weather is heading to Britain over the next few days. As large parts of our nation are set for heavy snow, sleet and freezing icy roads, we need to brace ourselves and prepare our cars. This subzero weather is creeping upon us and is set to last for at least two weeks. The Met Office has issued a warning that winter is now here and as of today, we will notice a sudden drop in temperature.

Subzero weather can turn roads into chaos

The Met Office has suggested we need to be prepared and is getting ready to issue weather warnings. By Wednesday, we are expecting a heavy blast of rain and snow. At present, the snow is not expected to settle due to the warm ground. However, as temperatures dip to sub zero weather, then it is possible Britain could see snow before Christmas.

This year our local councils have stockpiled more salt than any other year. It is said that 95% of councils are prepared for the subzero weather and are ready to spray our roads. Additionally, 80% of gritters are fitted with GPS systems to guarantee roads are not gritted twice.

After a great summer and mild autumn, motorists now need to contemplate checking their cars with the necessary anti-freeze etc. Also, imagine if you did breakdown what items would you want to have in the vehicle with you? It would be good to pack these now. It is always good practice that cars have a full service just before the winter approaches. Summer tyres need to be replaced with winter tyres and other checks such as windscreen wiper blades need to be able to clear the windscreen perfectly.

Should you wake up with your car covered in snow, then clear it all off including the roof. Snow on the roof of a car can potentially cause an accident. Under the rule 229 of the Highway Code, the police can prosecute a driver if they believe snow on a rooftop could cause dangerous driving. Drivers can be fined on the spot and receive three points on a driving licence.

Long distance drivers ought to carry medical supplies, a mobile phone, blankets, extra food and water.