Monday 7th October 2013
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Virtual dealerships appear less daunting as more people become acquainted with the buying over the Internet. When looking for a car, previously people often started their search looking around their local forecourts. Browsing around forecourts can be very time-consuming, costly and sometimes quite and intimidating. Car dealers are believed to be the most pushy salesmen within the sales industry. Other top highly strung salesmen are estate agents.

Buying online through virtual dealerships

The trend for people buying merchandise on-line has been steadily increasing over recent years. Buying cars from virtual dealerships on-line is not a new phenomenon and is actually becoming quite common.

The goal of virtual dealerships is to provide customers with a faster purchasing process with fewer hassles. This method reduces overzealous salesmen using bullying tactics to make a sale.

Not all salesmen are alike, but the majority often target less savvy knowledgeable people into buying cars they don't want.

Virtual dealerships provide positive help to all motorists. People can relax in the private of their own homes and view the car's statistics and specifications.

Prospective customers can make their own mind up at home before venturing to a forecourt. After following the virtual tour, buyers are then in control of what car they want to buy. Dealership salesmen will have less freedom to pounce on their customers giving them a lecture as soon they open a car door.

Fiat in Brazil has introduced their own online virtual tour, check out their website here. Here you can enjoy virtual test drives and get to know everything about the car you want to buy. Fiat fans wear head gear with a mounted camera integrated with MyStream technology. The Live Store will create a near live experience with a Brazilian specialist named AgênciaClick Isobar. The highly agile interaction system will assist customers with their individual priorities.

Other car manufacturers are also paving the way for online virtual dealerships. It is believed that the ultimate sales decision does not take place in a car showroom, but at home or in the office.