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Can You Drive in a Straight Line? Here’s Why Not...

Steering problems can affect millions of drivers all over the world. However, many of us wait until the last possible second to get issues fixed! You don't have to put up with veering and drifting. Here are some common steering problems you may be facing and how they could be fixed.

Your Wheel Won’t Return

Having trouble getting your wheel to return to position? It’s likely to be friction in the system, which means you’ll need extra lubrication. It could, however, also be a deeper issue – do check it checked out!

Your Steering Kicks Back on Bumps

IIf your steering wheel is reacting badly whenever you hit a bump in the road, your tyre pressure may be to blame. You could also have issues in the springs or in your shock absorbency.

Do You Veer While Braking?

 Braking veering or drifting is likely to be an issue with the brakes themselves. Wear and tear in the braking system may cause veers here and there. However, again, tyre pressure may be to blame.

Your Tyres are Squealing

If you can’t take a turn or a corner without a squeal, it’s likely that your tyres are uneven, or that your wheels need realigning. Regardless of why, it’s a good time to get things checked out by an expert.

Your Wheel is Jumping

 Yes, your steering wheel can jump and judder when you take your speed to higher levels. However, it’s not always something you should ignore. Your shock absorbers may be at fault, or you may need your wheels to be completely rebalanced.

You’re Wandering and Veering a Lot

If you are finding it extremely hard to drive in a straight line, there are plenty of reasons why you may need to take your car to a local garage. It is likely to be a wheel or tyre issue, though your suspension, springs or even lubrication may need attention.lso point to contamination, which is also something you should be taking very seriously.

You’re Heading Left or Right

oncentrated leans to either left or right during driving may also mean your springs are in need of TLC. This can also be a brake issue, though it’s probably most likely your tyres need checking for pressure.

You Need to Force the Wheel 

A front-end wobble or shimmy is never a good sign. You should think about checking the tightness of your steering gear, or again, your springs. Your wheels may even be imbalanced, or again, it could well be a tyre problem.

Your Steering Wheel Moves Too Much

 Alternatively, if your steering wheel has too much give, or imagination, your gear may be too loose. Once again, it is also a good idea to get your wheels and joints checked out.