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In these straitened times, motorists may be wise to save their hard earned cash for the most important items for their vehicles, such as replacement car engines.

But those with an extra few quid lying around may also want to treat themselves to one of the new personalised number plates about to be auctioned by the DVLA.

Among the 1,500 11-series registrations due to go under the hammer from February 1st are CH11 PPY, FUN 80B and H15 MUM, while fans of TV show The Only Way Is Essex, or TOWIE, may be tempted by TOW 111E.

But, while some plates come with reserves as low as £250, many are likely to fetch far more,meaning those Bobs (BOB 1C), Johnnys (JO11 NNY) and Pollys (PO11 LLY) will need to splash the cash to see their names displayed on their motors.

BOB 1C will set you back at least £700, PO11 LLY £1,000 and JO11 NNY a whopping £1,500.