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The US motorists who are regularly charging their electric vehicles are being threatened due to the lack of charging stations. The once sociable electric car community in the Silicon Valley in America are in uproar due to harassment and electric connections being disconnected whilst charging their cars. As more drivers are trying to become greener, little has been done about the growing shortage of re-charge stations for these ever growing number of vehicles.

The electric car charging demand

Once there were sufficient stations for the number of electric vehicle drivers, however as people are becoming more and more eco friendly, more EVs are purchased from the forecourt. This electric car charging shortage problem has also led to a new behavioural phenomenon called 'charge rage'. Abusive notes are now being left on car windscreens, and drivers are returning to an uncharged car to find out someone else has simply unplugged it.

At the moment, drivers are really struggling to find electric car charging points as there are not enough ports to meet this rising demand. Presently, there are 16 electric car charging stations within the Silicon Valley, however there are 61 employees driving EVs.

As we mentioned the issue fuelling the 'charge rage, is that cars are being unplugged during their active thirty-minute charge without the owner of the vehicle returning in time. As drivers are parking and charging their car at the station port, they are then leaving their car stationed for hours without returning in the specified 30 minutes, which we believe is also a major reason for the problem. Therefore, EV drivers who are looking for a car charging point are texting abusive messages, or calling other EV car owners because they are unable to charge their car.

New electric car charging guidelines in Silicon Valley are presently being drafted. The company ChargePoint suggests there should be one port station per two EV drivers and that there should be booking times. Drivers are urged to use charging point etiquette by only using the ports when needed and not to hog the port. It is likely that many companies throughout America will also be facing the same problem.

Currently, there are approximately 170,000 EVs in America, however their figures suggest there is one electric car charging point per six EVs. President Barak Obama wants at least one million EVs on American roads by the end of 2015. Unless more charging stations are rapidly being built and a fine levied for vehicles left more than a specific time, then these problems will continue to spiral out of control.