Wednesday 31st October 2012
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Are you paying too much for your car insurance, and it seems impossible to slash your bill? There are a few cheaper car insurance tips below that could be applied if the cost of your car insurance is accelerating out of control. Most British motorists don’t know that they are paying over the odds and those that are aware don’t do anything about it.

Top ways to slash your car insurance

• There are three main types of car insurance policies, these are third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive. The latter is the most expensive which is the policy the majority of motorists prefer to buy. Check the fine print before buying a policy and always discuss any discrepancies with the insurance company. Please be aware that if you take out a loan for a car with only third party insurance and you write off your car, you will still be left with the loan. Do you know anyone who has experienced this, and the after effects? Please publish your comments below.

• Avoid using your car for local trips if your destination is under three miles. Insurance companies assess mileage on a yearly basis, often keeping your annual miles down under 6,000 per annum can reduce your insurance bill. These cheaper car insurance tips help:

• Avoid calling your present insurance company about any minor accidents, not even to find out about the excess fees (these are displayed on your certificate). Once your insurance company knows you’ve had a ping, they will instantly consider you a reckless driver and your policy could increase. It may be cheaper to fix minor issues without informing your insurer.

• By being a careful driver you will avoid unnecessary accidents, speeding, and collisions. Once caught driving recklessly, the DVLA will put points on your driving license, which will incur a rise in your car insurance.

• If you are looking to buy a camper van then buy a van and convert it as the insurance is cheaper. Avoid making any modifications to your car as it will add to your insurance premium.

If you're married is it cheaper to buy two insurance policies?

• One of the easiest ways to cut an insurance bill is to include another motorist onto your policy. This will dramatically reduce an insurance quote. The good news is, it doesn’t just have to be your spouse; it can be anybody with a driving license and somebody 25yrs old and over. You can also find it particularly beneficial for the under 25's to be added as insurance is very high for these young motorists.

• When it is time to renew your car insurance, check around for cheaper insurance quotes. Call your present insurer and let them know the cheapest you have found, don’t be shy haggling over the price. You may find that your renewal price is based on existing business rates. Call your existing insurer and ask for the new business rates when looking to renew your insurance, this could dramatically reduce your bill. Also, as well as the price comparison sites check out others such as direct line insurance who have decided not to partake in these. Basically, Comparison websites offer many incentives to lure in customers. Often motorists are charged more hence, always double check with the non-comparison sites as well.

Why do burglars like to steal car keys from people's homes?

• Thieves are always planning to steal cars, and this beats them all. Owners willingly park their cars in their own driveway, if they don’t have a garage and believe their car is safe. A burglar then enters someone's home, steals their car keys and takes the car sat on the driveway. It is likely an insurance quote could cost significantly less if the owner's car can be parked out on the street, or in a garage.

• Before buying any car contact your insurance company to check how the new car will affect your policy. Depending upon the type of car, premiums could be higher or lower. For example, if you're on a tight budget avoid a high-tech V8 performance sports car.

• Fitting a security device can significantly reduce motorist's insurance bills. TIP: Check with your insurer what devices could bring your payments down.

• Consider your occupation, footballer, musicians, racers, child minders will pay a higher premium compared to standard professions that may only use the vehicle to travel to and from work.

Do you have any other good tips on how to reduce your car insurance bill? Please publish them here to help out other motorists.