Saturday 9th March 2013
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Children who learn to drive under the age of 17 are more common than you would imagine. There is an organisation set up called ‘The Under 17’s Car Club’ which was established in 1976. The objective is to teach kids to become responsible drivers. The clubs in the UK cater to teach children from the age of 12. For example, the Under 17's Car Club are dedicated to teaching young children, and all teaching staff are volunteers and are there to help teach and supervise the children.

Young children driving at an early age

These types of clubs encourage driving skills, road legalities, road safety and a variety of cars for the young children to drive at an early age. The idea behind juniors obtaining driving skills at such is to help create more awareness on the roads. It is believed that this promotes safer drivers and helps children to actively participate in cars and other types of motor sports.

It is alleged that young children who learn to drive at such an early age are four times safer than an 18-year-old who may learn to drive and pass their test within 6 months.

Since the under 17's Car Club was established, it has seen thousands of members pass through their clubs and go onto be very successful drivers. The club is situated in many locations throughout the UK, but is particularly known in the Midlands and in the South of England.
There are many different skills to learn whilst at the club, with a special formula for the tests. Children driving at the club are graded by a system on a scale of 1 to 5, and if a young driver has exceptional skills, they are graded with the ‘Grade X’.

The club has a social side whereby they meet up on various Sundays to demonstrate their learning and get involved in special actives. All people are welcome to these events, and parents receive extra-special attention at the venues. Parents and Guardians can even be chauffeured by their own children. Other skills are First Aid and learning the various aspects of mechanics.

All in all these courses are really beneficial and well worth encouraging your siblings to participate especially if they have shown a real passion to get behind the wheel.

To find out more information on the under 17’s car club please click here.

Have you ever been on one of these courses, or have some experience with them? Please publish your comments online below.