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With so many deals around at Christmas time it is tempting to ask yourself 'is Christmas a good time to buy a new car?'

Buy a car

Yes, there are deals at Christmas

Depending on certain make and models then yes, Christmas can be a good time to buy.  For example, convertibles are more expensive to buy during the summer so winter is a good time to buy as demand will be low and dealers will be more anxious to make a deal.

Some dealerships will be more keen to make deals to complete sales at the end of each quarter.  December is also a good time to buy a car as dealers want to offload stock so they can make room for the new models arriving in January.  The time during Christmas and New Year is a period between new plate releases and the dealerships are much quieter so  massive cuts in prices can be found. Dealers are often keen to get rid of excess stock and improve the look of their year-end accounts. In fact buying at the year end sale can give you a really good deal as dealers discount heavily to meet their annual sales targets. Buying right at the end of December may mean you get the double whammy of deals - end of the month and end of the year.  During this time of year people are busy shopping for presents, visiting friends and family, going to parties and so buying a car is the last thing on most people's minds. That means dealerships are quiet and salespeople are anxious to clinch a sale.

But ...

Like any end of year clearance sale there may not be a huge amount of choice. However, do be aware that  you may not get the colour and trim you want so be prepared to be flexible. Be ready to haggle and consider the more unpopular models that are likely to be among the overstocked models left over.  As always shop around and look at the small print!

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