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There is a known issue with the air suspension system on the first generation Citroen C4 Picasso. Citroen have recently announced that they will cover 80% of the cost of repair for the rear air suspension system after several owners complained to BBC Watchdog.

BBC Watchdog received several complaints about the vehicle becoming a poor ride due to gas escaping from the air suspension system on the rear wheels. This problem is caused by the air suspension housing being made of rubber which degrades over time. This means that the gas can escape from the system, resulting in what some owners called a 'bumpy ride'.

When first challenged by Watchdog, this is what Citroen had to say: “It is important to note that the air springs on selected versions of previous generation C4 Picasso models are wear parts. Like all moving components in any suspension system on any car, they are subject to natural wear and tear. As a result, the rate at which they degrade will vary based on the age of the individual vehicle, mileage and conditions of use.”

Since the problem was aired on TV, Citroen have said they will cover 80% of the repair costs on vehicles up to 10 years old or 120,000 miles. The issue can be detected by a warning light on the dashboard and you should take the vehicle to a Citroen dealer.

Have you experienced this problem? If so, get in touch with your local Citroen dealer to have it fixed with Citroen covering 80% of the cost of repair. Share your experience with us in our comments box below.

Watch a video review for the 2013 second generation Citroen C4 Picasso:

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