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Question: When is a Citroen DS5 better than a Lamborghini Aventador? Answer: When you're a reader of Car Design News magazine, apparently.

Each year, the publication awards two prizes to the vehicles its readers deem to be the best-designed new car of the preceding 12 months, one prize goes to a production car while the other goes to a concept vehicle.

And this year, the proud winner of the Design of the Year - Production Car award has been announced as Citroen's new stylish and sporty SUV crossover the DS5.

The car received almost a quarter of the 4,000 votes cast, trouncing its nearest rival the £200,000, 217mph Lamborghini Aventador.

Owen Ready, editor of Car Design News, claimed it was "easy to see why" the DS5 had scooped the award, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show this week.

He cited the car's "bold, vibrant and idiosyncratic" styling, "rich mix of materials" and "exciting design solutions".

"From its distinctive proportions to its genuinely special cabin, the DS5 marks Citroen out as one of the most exciting brands around," he added.

An extensive range of Citroen car parts have been developed for the new DS5 and the model will be the first production car from the manufacturer to be available with the Hybrid4 full-hybrid diesel 200bhp engine, which produces just 99g/km of CO2.

Other toys and gadgets available with the car include keyless access and start, colour head-up display and a lane departure warning system to let you know should you accidentally drift into the wrong lane while on the road.

The car's 'cabin' (the bit at the front where the driver sits) has been modeled on a plane's cockpit, says Citroen, and features a number of switches and controls located on a central console above the driver's ahead.

Prices will range from £22,400 to £32,200 when the DS5 goes on sale later this year.