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Our local councils made more money on parking fines during 2012 than ever before. It is believed that councils profited £411 million on parking fines during this period. Councils have made huge profits, yet have hardly spent any money on road safety. Even the ongoing issue of potholes is still a concern in certain areas.

Top towns for making money on parking fines

The places in the UK for making huge parking profits are:

Westminster making £38 million profit
Kensington and Chelsea making £27.5 million profit
Camden making £25 million profit
Brighton and Hove making £13.7 million profit
Milton Keynes making £6.5 million profit
Newcastle Upon Tyne making £6.2 million profit

Sourced by ITV

What should parking profits be used for?

Profits from parking fines should be going towards road safety and maintenance, education for younger drivers and cyclists. Additionally, there could be safer routes for children going to school, motorways, road constructions, transport and much more. However, councils have decreased their spending on all of these projects. The question is why? And where is it going?

Is it all about profit for our councils?

Councils are now making record breaking profits; they appear to be erecting more 'pay parking areas than anything else. Most motorists pay no attention to the time they should return to their vehicle from a shopping trip. Hence, councils know exactly where to erect signs to maximise parking fees.

Parking offenses or Penalty Charge Notices can range from:

Stopping or parking on yellow lines and red routes
Parking in loading areas only
Incorrectly parking in disabled bays
Parking too far away from the curb
Invalid parking ticket
Not parking properly or parking outside a designated parking box in a multi-storey car park
Returning to your car late in a restricted time zone

There is also the rapid increasing awareness of CCTV especially in the London areas. For an example, take the Borough of Dagenham and Barking where motorists have been known to just slightly touch a bus lane and receive a fine straight through the post. Even driver’s that have taken a wrong turn by accident have been caught on CCTV and received postal fines.

Most motorists don't enjoy receiving parking fines, but continue to take risks. To avoid a parking offence stay clear of breaking the law no matter how much you hate those rules. If you don't break the law, you will never have anything to worry about.

So what do you think about today’s society out on the roads? Is it fair or not?