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Texting when driving is very dangerous just the same as (if not worse) than chatting on your mobile.

Agencies are hard at work spending millions to instigate a ban on texting at the same time as driving. Researchers believe that texting when driving is as serious as being drunk at the wheel. There have been many fatal accidents that have been caused by sending someone a quick text, or even scrolling down to read them. Drivers should ask themselves the question; would they attempt to read a book behind the wheel while driving to their destination?

Regardless of the devastating effects texting can cause in this manner, many motorists still continue to ignore the warning signs. Hence, banning texting all together appears to be the only affirmative way to put an end to this mayhem. Once the texting law is introduced fines will be as heavy as drink driving.

Consequences of texting at the wheel

Simply put, the consequences for texting at the wheel can cause horrific accidents. Not only is the driver at risk of injury, but other motorists and nearby pedestrians are also in extreme danger. I know of a horrible case of an accident where a young girl on the motorway was just sitting in traffic on her way to work when suddenly a lorry approached her fast from behind without stopping because the lorry driver was busy texting on his phone. Recently, a coach driver carrying lots of people veered of the road at a bend and crashed, all because the driver was more bothered about his Ipad than the road in front. Again, this accident caused many fatalities. Please watch this video below to see the really serious consequences of this act.

Motorists need to be made aware of the seriousness behind texting and communicating with a mobile while driving.

Surveys have also concluded that texting is actually worse than having a full-blown conversation on your phone when driving.

However, it is worth noting that both can cause severe accidents. It is simply not fair to put so many people at risk of having an accident, injury or even the thought of death just because a mobile device was bring used when driving.

Texting while driving encourages a driver's performance to become erratic. Coordination becomes off balance which in turn affects speed precision, steering accuracy and braking reactions therefore they become impaired. Even changing lanes without realising, and swerving from one to the other. All motorists that text while driving experience a lack of adroitness. No driver is exempt no matter how hard one tries to perfect the balancing act.

TIP: Safety is paramount, use mobile devices wisely and switch them off before beginning to drive in order to avoid temptation.

Statistics prove that you are 23 times more likely to have an accident if you text when driving than if you weren’t being distracted.

Apologies if this seems a little graphic, but it’s videos like this that really drive home the dangers and consequences of texting when driving.

Do you know of any accidents or near misses caused because of someone was texting behind the wheel?

Please publish your views online here?