Thursday 13th February 2014
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Police are out in force clamping down on drivers watching TV whilst driving. Government ministers believe this growing development is stupid, irresponsible and extremely dangerous. Since the 1980s, motorists have struggled to watch TV whilst driving due to limits in the technology. I even remember a friend getting an old black and white portable TV and wiring it into the front of his old Ford Cortina and slotted it behind the gear stick in the lower dash area. We thought it was amazing at the time that it was actually possible to watch TV in your own car. This was back in the late 80's. However, in today's world motorists are now able to hack their own car by disabling electronic safety controls using a £150 device and unlock onboard TV software.

Police clamping down on drivers watching TV

Once a laptop is hooked up to the car's 12-volt power outlet and the car starts up, drivers can begin watching TV. Furthermore, drivers are able to use their mobile internet to access movies, shows and other forms of entertainment. TV addicts are putting their lives and other's peoples at risk of a fatal accident when the TV is switched on for the driver.

Ministers believe buying, or using a device with the intent to watch TV while driving is dim minded as drivers should have full concentration on the road at all times. As a result of these DIY mindless solutions with the intention of catching up on the latest TV programmes when driving, safety measures are now being put in place. Police state if anyone is caught watching TV while driving, they will be severely prosecuted.

The only legal screen that drivers should be viewing is details such as vehicle information, directions, etc. The company in question who supply the unlocking device stipulate that watching TV should only be done when stationary. Motoring groups believe the company is irresponsible for even offering the service since it overrides the cars safety features.

It is vital that people do not buy into these services, or devices no matter how tempting or easy it is to exploit. Watching TV while driving is as unacceptable as texting, drinking driving, making phone calls, reading Facebook and checking messages. A momentary lapse in concentration can cause devastating consequences, in an instant someone could easily be killed.

Other irresponsible and illegal acts while driving are using mobile devices and wearing Google Glasses. At present, watching TV while driving is categorised as driving without due care and the fines will start at £50.