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When dreaming up some unique ways to celebrate its centenary year, car manufacturer Ford thought it would be a good idea to mix motoring with fashion and commission a young designer to make a fabulous outfit from used Ford car parts.

Used Ford car parts in catwalk

Who would imagine used Ford car parts on a catwalk? The result was Judy Clark's eye-catching period dress, which features brake lights to create a fabulous bustle, as well as a host of smaller vehicle parts that add detail and texture to the gown.

Ms Clark, a nominee for Scottish Designer of the Year who has previously worked with the late Alexander McQueen, said she was delighted to be chosen to take part in such an exciting project.

"I would say the inspiration for the dress was taken from the Edwardian period and I actually started to design the dress before the car parts arrived," she remarked.

Her creation was complemented by a matching necklace crafted by Katherine Hawkins from jewellery design business Creme Noveau, who was also approached by Ford.

"When the box of car parts arrived, I didn't really know what to expect,” said Ms Hawkins. "It doesn’t help that I can't actually drive so at first I didn't know what the parts were for!

"But once I got them spread out to see how they look and sit and how I could work with them, the idea came very quickly and I was able to use really cool metals, plastics and rubbery bits."

Ford celebrated its 100th year in March this year and to celebrate it launched the Ford of Britain Centenary Tour. The company opened its first office in London, on Shaftesbury Avenue, in March 1911.

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