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The new Renault Twingo design was unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show earlier this month. We have written an article on this which you can view here.

According to Fiat's former marketing manager Lapo Elkann the new Twingo design has copied the Fiat 500. He said this recently on Facebook: “What do you think about the French copying the Fiat 500?!??!!! Renault stop the cheating and be original! #fiat500 #beoriginal #becreative”.

Lapo is the brother of the current Fiat chairman John Elkann. A lot of people agreed with what he said but others said that it was hypocritical of him to say this about copying, as it is reckoned their design of the 500 was copied from the new VW Beetle and Mini Cooper.

The main things that are the same between the Twingo and 500 are the retro styling, circular headlights & foglights and the lower front u-shaped intake. Despite their similarities, the new Twingo has many features which make it distinct from the 500 including front grille design, 5-doors, rear mounted engine and rear wheel drive.

It was once said that there is nothing new in design, and everything is inspired or taken from somewhere/something else.

Do you think that the new Twingo design has copied the Fiat 500? Let us know by leaving your comments in our comments box below.

Have a look at the video for the new Renault Twingo design revealed at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show:

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