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The way cars now run has significantly changed over the last few years. Many moons ago when cars were initially made, carburettors were the original fuel system used to power an engine. Since then, there has been alot of engine refinements during the twentieth century which we will come on to look at.

Computers for carburettors

Remember the days when chokes had to be used to start up your car? This is when carburettors were used. I used to have a Ford Capri and to start the car in the morning you would pull the choke out the full way. Once you had been travelling a mile or so you would then put the choke in half way. After a couple of miles when the Capri had really warmed up, you could then push the choke fully in. Failure to do so would mean the car could start spluttering and remind you to push the choke in. Waking up to those cold early mornings with niggling thoughts like would I be late for work? With modern cars are now a thing of the past.

Yep, the thought of wondering if your car would start first thing in the morning, having to sit in the car and wait for it to warm up in freezing temperatures was torture when we think about it. In the days of carburettors, drivers had to wait anywhere from five minutes up to half an hour for the car to warm up. As we mentioned without warming up the car, the car would simply fail or be very difficult to drive.

Carburettors controlled the speed of the engine via the accelerator. The job of the carburettor is to fragment the fuel by using a vacuum created by the engine when under operation. They regulated the amount of air and fuel; this reached the cylinders to ignite a spark which then created power in the engine.

Today, all brand-new cars are engineered with a computerized fuel-injection system which has done away with the old carburettor.

This fuel-injection system feeds air into the combustion chamber in order for cars to power up. It is for this reason that car's start up more efficiently on cold days rather than using carburettors.

Typically today, the throttle on the newer cars has a similar operating mechanism to the carburettor. However, the difference between them is that the throttle is pressurized and a carburettor is vacuumized.

The advantage of fuel injection over and above carburettors is that they are also more efficient. They accurately provide the correct ratios of air and fuel into the cylinders.

Additionally, the newer systems are more powerful, which aids greater performance and fuel economy in the long run.