Wednesday 25th July 2012
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General guide on how to change a car battery.

Estimated time: 10-20 mins                                                            Difficulty: Easy

This is a straight forward process on how to change your car battery. Begin by parking the vehicle on a level surface and putting the handbrake on and into putting the vehicle into first gear.

Step 1

Open the bonnet and put the bonnet stand in place to hold this up. Locate where your battery is under the bonnet and get yourself a socket set, wrench or similar tool to remove the battery terminals.

Step 2

Always begin by removing the negative terminal first as this prevents sparks and any short circuit to any electrical devices on the vehicle. The negative has a black cable and has a minus sign next to the terminal. Loosen off the nut at the end of the connection and disconnect the negative terminal.

The positive cable is usually red and has a plus sign next to it. Loosen off the nut and remove this terminal from the battery.

Step 3

When both cables have been removed, the battery will be held in place by screws, clips or something similar. Remove this and pull the battery upwards and out of the case.

Fitting the new battery

Fitting a new battery is a fairly straight forward process. Just follow this simple guide and you will get it done in no time. Take the new battery and place it in the case. Screw, clip or fasten it back in place, ensuring they are fitted tightly.

Connect the positive cable and tighten the nut and then the negative cable. This completes the installation.