Thursday 19th July 2012
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Easy guide on how to change a CV joint yourself.

Estimated time: 2-3 hours                                       Difficulty: Medium/Hard

You will need to jack up the vehicle with a wheel jack. Raise the wheel about 2 inches off the ground. Now you can remove the four wheel nuts and take the wheel off.

Step 1

To remove the bolts holding the CV joint in place you will need an extender bar to reach these. The bolts are located at the far end of the axle and you will need to make sure the socket and extender are connected properly so you don’t strip the bolts. Make sure the vehicle is in neutral so you can rotate the axle, making it easier to remove the bolts. There will be four bolts holding this in place.

Step 2

Once the CV joint is disconnected you will want to remove the nut from the centre of the wheel hub. When this has been taken off you will need to remove three bolts on the ball joint underneath and behind the brake discs. You may want to mark exactly where the bolts are taken from to ensure you are aligning them exactly where you took them from.

Step 3

When these bolts are removed, pull the wheel hub towards you to free the CV joint and drive shaft. It might not come off this easy so you will need a hammer and rounded chisel to help knock this out.

Step 4

Place the drive shaft in a clamp to hold it secure. Cut off the two bands holding the boot in place then slide the CV boot out the way, hold onto the CV joint, and right on the edge of the CV joint you will need to give it a couple hits with a hammer to free it from the shaft.

Step 5

Once you have separated the old CV joint, remove the shaft from the vice. Place the new CV joint in the vice, with the connection point for the shaft facing upwards. Put some fresh grease into the hole and grab your drive shaft. Clean the end of the shaft and put some fresh grease on it, and you will need to apply some force to push the joint and shaft together nice and tight. Put the boot back over the CV joint, and your new CV joint is now connected to the shaft.

Fitting the new CV Joint

Put the two new bands over the boot to hold it in place, securing fastly. Now you are ready to re-install the shaft to the vehicle. Using the extender bar bolt the shaft to the vehicle, rotating the axle to get each of the bolts in. Secure these tightly.

Step 1

Fit the other end of the shaft back into the wheel hub making sure that the marks you made earlier line up. Put the nut back in the centre of the hub and place the three bolts behind the discs and tighten them securely.

Step 2

Once the shaft is fitted back in place, put the wheel back on and tighten the four wheel nuts. Remove the jack and take for a test drive.