Thursday 19th July 2012
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Easy to follow guide on how to change wiper blades yourself.

Estimated time: 2-5 mins                               Difficulty: Very Easy

This is probably one of the simplest processes there is, when it comes to replacing parts on a motor vehicle. This guide is to help you save money by doing easy task yourself and save you an expensive trip to the garage.

Step 1

To begin with you should pull the wiper arm away from the window until it sits in place. Make sure it is well away from the window as you do not want to scratch it. Repeat this process for the other wipers you are changing.

Step 2

Un-clip the old wiper blades from the wiper arm. To do this you must pull the blade downwards towards the arm and then slide the blade out from the arm. The plastic adapter will either be connected to the arm or blade; you may need to keep this as some wiper blades don’t come with the adapter.

Fitting wiper blades

Check the new wiper blades for a plastic adapter, if they don’t have one you can fit the old one to the wiper arm or to the blade, push it in until you hear it click in place.

Step 1

Now you can attach the new wiper blades to the arm. Put it over the arm and click it in place.

Step 2

Now push the arms back down towards the window. Repeat this process for all wiper blades and arms you are changing.

And Finally...

Check that the wiper blades are working correctly by spraying water on the windscreen and operating the window wipers from the lever inside the vehicle.

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