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This video is where your friend and local mechanic Carlton can help explain how to save money and fit a rear tail gate strut on your car.

Tail gate struts are responsible for holding the rear boot open; they enable the boot lid to open and close with flexibility. There are two struts in total, one either side of the rear. Normally, you would pay no attention to these struts, but if they break or wear down over time, you will experience the hatch staying open. This could lead to the lid falling down with force, and you’ll most likely be injured if you're in the way. You also need to be aware of the sheer weight of the boot since the gate struts support its heaviness. This is something you may not notice when everything was functioning properly.

The inside of the tail gate strut consists of springs, release mechanisms, handles and wiring. The outside of the strut consists of a housing, a rod and seals. Inside the rod are the springs which are filled with nitrogen to provide high pressure for resistance, included is oil for lubricating this offers easy rod maneuvering. These parts are considered a complete unit when purchasing, and you shouldn’t buy any model strut as each one is tailor-made for your specific car.

Saving Big Money on repairing your own rear tail gate strut

How much does a rear tail gate strut cost? To illustrate we’ll discuss BMW as shown in the video. Bear in mind; however, all parts vary in cost according to your manufacturer. The price to buy a brand-new strut direct from BMW would cost £38.70 each, as it is necessary to buy two, one for either side, the total would be £77.40. The cost to assemble the struts by BMW would be approximately £50 to £60. Should you want to save money by fitting the part your yourself; then BMW's delivery fee would be £24.00. (Prices quoted are at the time of this article.)

Using Breakeryard’s services, this same rear tail gate strut will cost you an amazing £22. Plus, there is a small delivery charge of £7 with £4 VAT. This is a surprising saving, in the region of £112.00 and fitting it yourself by using our video will save you mega labour fees.

Checking and Changing the Tail Gate Strut

Removing the tail gate strut is a fairly easy job. It would be wise to have a competent muscular person to assist you, simply because of the sheer weight of the boot lid.

Firstly, begin by turning the engine off, walk around to the rear of the car and open up the boot, you might need your muscular friend here to offer some support. Locate the struts on each side; choose one strut to begin working on. At either end of the strut, you will notice tabs on a plastic covering, loosen the tabs at each end with a screwdriver, remove with your fingers and put the tabs in a safe place such as a cup. This removal will expose the 10mm bolts; begin loosening the bolts with a ratchet tool and remove with your fingers. Mount the new tail gate struts and tighten up securely, replace the plastic tabs. Test the boot to ensure the struts are fitted properly, and all is working correctly. Never attempt to change two struts at the same time or an accident waiting to happen.

When you’re searching for a tail gate strut, it is important to choose the correct part for your car make, as the struts are more often than not, model specific. Quality tail gate struts should be replaced with factory parts not aftermarket parts even though they are high quality. If you experience only one of your struts broken, it is advisable to change both sides. This is because one may end up having more pressure than the other; consequently, you will incur an unnecessary and an uneven burden upon the car.