Tuesday 24th July 2012
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General guide on fitting side skirts Estimated time: 1-2 hours                                                          Difficulty: Medium Begin by lifting the vehicle off the ground so that it makes it easier for you to work with. If you can get access to a car lift, perfect, if not, then jack it up and put blocks under the vehicle to hold the weight.

Step 1

When it is lifted up, you can take the wheels off by removing the wheel nuts with a wheel brace, socket set or similar tool.

Step 2

Remove the wheels. These need to come off so that you can drill the holes and fit the screws for the side skirts.

Step 3

Check that the side skirts fit the vehicle by placing it where you are going to fit it. When you are happy with the positioning then you can mark round the edges to help you when it comes to fitting it. A grease pencil would be good for this. Also mark where the holes need to be drilled. Drill the holes on the vehicle body ready to fit the piece.

Step 4

Now prepare the surface where the paint is going to attach with lacquer thinner by rubbing it gently with a cloth. Then apply an adhesive support primer to prepare the surface where the tape will attach. Using a razor blade cut a slice down the centre of the backing on the adhesive tape on the side skirt piece so you have a point where you can pull the backing off from. Pull up the backing at either side of the centre to give you a tail to pull on.

Step 5

Now place the side skirt onto the vehicle using the reference guide lines. Pull one of the tails from the centre and press the piece firmly against the vehicle, working your way to the end of the skirt, remembering to hold it in the right position. Repeat this for the other tail going towards the other end of the skirt.

Last step on checking the side skirts

Once the piece is firmly in place you may want to use a roller to press it to the surface. Now you can insert the screws into the previously drilled holes. On some vehicles there will be a bracket that you attach to the back of the skirt to screw the screws into. Repeat this process for the other side skirt on the opposite side of the vehicle. When all the screws are in place lower the vehicle and your installation is complete.