Tuesday 24th July 2012
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A general guide on how to fit side steps yourself

Estimated time: 2-3 hours                                           Difficulty: Medium

This fitting is on a Range Rover Sport, but will be similar for most vehicles side steps.

Step 1

Begin by lifting the vehicle up so that it’s easier for you to work around this area of the vehicle. If you can’t get access to a lift then use a car jack and then put blocks underneath the hold the weight.

Step 2

There is a plastic sill around the bottom side of the vehicle where the step is going to be. Remove this by pulling the plastic rivets out. You will need a flat head screwdriver or something similar to pop the rivets out. There are screws at either end of the sill on the wheel arches, so you will probably need to take the wheels off to make the job easier.

Step 3

Using a wheel brace or socket set, remove the wheel nuts and then remove the wheel. Now you have access to the screws at either end, remove these and then you can begin to pull the sill away from the vehicle. Begin by pulling downwards at one of the corners until it push out and then work your way along the sill popping it out bit by bit until it is completely removed.

Step 4

You may have to keep this sill and cut sections out to fit with the new step or the side steps may come with a sill already cut to shape for this job. If you have the pre-cut sill then change the clips from the old one to the new one and pop them in place. If you have to use the old sill then measure where you have to cut the pieces out and do so with the appropriate tool.

The side steps will come with three brackets that need fitted to the vehicle. The vehicle will already have holes for the brackets to fit into, so you can’t put the wrong bracket in the wrong place. Bolt the brackets in place. You will need to remove a small plastic cover to get to some of the bolt holes and when you replace it you will have to cut a small piece out to account for the new bolts.

Fitting the side steps

Once the brackets are fitted in place you can fit the step to the brackets. The step is bolted to the brackets so ensure that all bolts are secured fastly to ensure the step is fitted correctly.

There is a mud flap that will fit to the side of the step. Put it in place to where you are going to fit it and mark where the holes need to be drilled into the side panel. Drill these holes and then screw the mud flap to the holes behind the wheel arch. Now it is connected to the vehicle you will need to bolt the side part to the vehicle through the holes you’ve just drilled.

This completes the installation of this step. Put the wheels back on and tighten the wheel nuts. Remove the blocks and lower the vehicle. Repeat the above processes for the other side to complete the installation.