Monday 23rd July 2012
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A simple guide on how to fit a spoiler yourself

Estimated time: 30-60 mins Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Installing a spoiler is a relatively easy job. You only need some basic mechanical skills. Spoilers are mainly fit on sporty looking cars and race cars. Spoilers were designed to help with the aerodynamics of the vehicle. This can be an additional piece fit afterwards or come as part of the vehicle design like the capri, subaru and saab. The steps below will show you how you can add or replace the spoiler yourself.

Step 1

Begin by opening your boot and placing a protective cover inside the boot. This will protect the inside from metal shavings when drilling through your boot lid.

Step 2

Now place the drill guides into the mounting holes of the spoiler and tape them in place with masking tape to hold them in place. Partially close the boot lid and place the new spoiler on top, aligning it in place using a measuring tape if necessary.

Step 3

Once you are happy with the positioning of the spoiler you should tape the drill guides to the vehicle and when this is done, you can lift the spoiler off. Remember to lift it straight up to avoid moving the guides.

When the spoiler has been moved you can get a small drill bit to insert into the guides to mark the areas to be drilled. When all the holes have been marked, remove the guides and drill the holes using the appropriate sized drill bits.

Final step in fitting a spoiler

When the holes have been drilled you can put the spoiler in place and screw the screws through the boot lid into the spoiler, ensuring they are tightly fitted.

Clean round the area you have been working on and then remove the cover from the boot. Hoover the boot area if necessary. This completes the installation.