Wednesday 18th July 2012
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As there are so many different types of tow bar for different make/model vehicles, then this is more of an overview of how to fit a tow bar for a Nissan note. There may be some difference for your make/model vehicle, but this will give you an idea of how to fit the tow bar.

Estimated time: approx 4 hours                                Difficulty: Medium

Step 1

Begin by removing the battery by disconnecting the negative terminal. Continue by removing the fog light from the bumper, disconnecting the electrical supply.

Step 2

You then proceed to remove the bumper by removing the three bolts, the mud flaps and any other bolts or clips. The bumper should now clip off and be able to remove this part.

Step 3

Remove the two metal cones which expose the two holes at either end of the chassis, this is where the brackets will fit in for the tow bar. You bolt these brackets to the vehicle frame.

Step 4

Remove the plastic shield underneath these holes, which is done by unclipping the push clips with a screwdriver. This will allow you to fit the main part of the tow bar to the brackets with the provided nuts and bolts, using a torque wrench. When putting the plastic shield back on, you will need to cut a piece out to suit the tow bar.

Step 5

Fit the polystyrene block, the plastic end caps onto the components. You will now need to fit the wiring to the correct lights and ensure all bolts are fitted tightly. This is the completed tow bar fitted.

Fitting a new tow bar

You are now ready to put the bumper back on.

Step 1

You will need to cut out a section at the bottom of the bumper to allow for the tow bar to fit round this. You could use a hot knife with a blow torch or any other method you deem fit. Clip the bumper back in place and bolt it to the vehicle.

Step 2

Put the mud flaps back on and fit the actual tow bar piece and connect the electrics to complete the tow bar installation.