Thursday 19th July 2012
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Step by step guide on how to install car speakers yourself. Estimated time: 2-4 hours                                         Difficulty: Medium

Step 1

The first thing you should always do when fitting any electrical equipment is to disconnect the battery. This is done by first removing the negative and then the positive. It is done in this order to prevent any sparks which could potentially damage and short the electrical equipment in your vehicle.

Step 2

When fitting car speakers you will most likely have to take off the door panels on the inside of the doors. Starting on any one of the front doors, remove the panel by unscrewing the screws holding the panel to the door. Unclip the panel by pulling on it or if it’s a bit stiff then you may need to apply a bit of force with a small screwdriver, prying it off. Be careful when doing this that you don’t break the surrounding panel or any other item connected to the panel.

Step 3

If there are electric switches for the windows, locks etc then you will need to disconnect these from behind the panel before completely removing the panel. Once all connections are removed you can remove this panel.

Step 4

You should now clearly see how the speaker you want to change is mounted to the door, rear shelf or dashboard. Unscrew the speaker from the are, in this case the door. There should be three screws to take off, and then you can pull the speaker out from the mount. Now you will need to disconnect the two wires at the rear of the old speaker to completely remove the old speaker from the door.

Step 5

Now you are ready to install the new car speaker. Check that the connections are the same type that fit into the new speakers, if not your new speakers should come with connectors that you will need to wire up.

Step 6

Make sure when connecting the wires to the speaker that you put the right one on the right connection. It should be done: positive to negative and vice versa. You may want to reconnect the battery at this point to check if the speaker is working ok. Just remember to put the positive connection on first then the negative.

Step 7

Check that the speaker fits ok to the mount and then screw it in place. If the new car speaker has different mounting points then you will need to drill new holes to accommodate this.

Step 8

You can now reconnect all electrical appliances and fit the door panel back in place. Remember to ensure all connections are fitted properly and all screws are put on tightly.

Final step in installing car speakers

Now repeat the above processes with the other doors or areas that need the speakers changed.