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Guide on how to install an immobiliser yourself

Estimated time: 30-60 mins                                         Difficulty: Easy

Step 1

Begin by disconnecting the negative terminal on the battery. You should always do this when changing any electrical parts. This is done using either a wrench or a socket set. Loosen the nut and remove the negative cable, which is always black and marked with a minus sign.

Step 2

Next disconnect the positive terminal. This cable is red and marked with a plus sign. Loosen the nut and remove the positive connection. Position both cables away from the battery connections and you are ready to install your immobiliser.

Step 3

At this point you may want to give the battery terminals a clean, so that they are as receptive as possible. There are two leads on the immobiliser. One connects to the positive terminal and the other connects to the battery’s positive cable.

Step 4

To connect the first lead to the positive cable, use the cable that has a post attached to it, sit it in the positive cable connection and tighten the nut using a wrench or socket set. Make sure it is tightened correctly. The immobiliser comes with two Velcro pads to cover the metal connections, make sure you cover these connections by joining the pads together, leaving no metal exposed.

Step 5

Now connect the other lead from the immobiliser to the battery terminal, by connecting it to the post terminal provided. This is done by putting it in place and tightening the nut to hold it there. Slide the terminal onto the positive post and tighten the nut.

Step 6

Now you will need to ground the immobiliser to the negative cable. This is done with the small black wire coming from the immobiliser, which you must place securely over the negative post and slide the negative terminal on top and secure the nut tightly.

Step 7

That is all the connections made so now you need top mount the unit away from moving parts, just behind the battery. Take the buzzer and using the adhesive tape provided it, mount it to a clean flat surface.

Final immobiliser installation

Make sure everything is firmly in place and hold everything down using cable ties. This completes the installation of this part.