Wednesday 18th July 2012
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Replacing a car bonnet is a rather straight forward process, as long as you have someone to help you complete the change over. This job can be done in 10-20 mins. Different car bonnets will be slightly different but they are all pretty straight-forward jobs.

Estimated time: 10-20 mins                  Difficulty: Easy

Manpower: 2 People

Step 1

Begin by opening the car bonnet and propping it up using the prop rod. Get your helper to stand at one side of the bonnet and hold it up. You will need a ratchet with the correct sized head, probably 10mm. You may want to check your manufacturer's manual to find out the exact size and other informations before starting the job.

Step 2

The car bonnet is attached at the hinges by either two or three bolts. Remove the bolts from one side and get your assistant to go over to that side of the vehicle and help hold up the bonnet.

Step 3

Go to the other side and remove the bolts from the hinges. Now you should remove the prop rod reminding your partner to take the weight. Both remove the old car bonnet from the vehicle and place to the side.

Fitting the new car bonnet

After you have done all the above you are now ready to place the new car bonnet. Take the new car bonnet and put it in place.

Step 1

Put up the prop rod to take some of the weight while your assistant holds it in place. Tighten the bolts on one side and then the other. Make sure that all the bolts are tightened correctly and remove the prop rod, closing the car bonnet.

Step 2

Check that the bonnet fits well. If it is slightly aligned out of position then loosen the bolts and move the bonnet until there is an even space on each side and tighten the bolts again. Check it fits ok and away you go!