Wednesday 18th July 2012
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Replacing a car door handle is similar for most vehicles. You may want to refer to the manufacturer's for further information on your make and model.

Estimated time: approx 1-2 hours                         Difficulty: Medium

Step 1

This task needs to be carried out from inside of the door. You will need to first remove the panel of the door from the inside. There will be 3-4 screws holding it in place. Unscrew these screws and remove the panel. If you have any electrics on your door you will have to disconnect the electrics by removing the connections, you will then be able to unclip the panel.

Step 2

You will see the back side of the door handle when the panel has been removed. It will either be bolted on to the door or screwed on. You will need a socket set or spanner for the bolt or a screwdriver for the screws. Take these off and it will free the handle from the door.

Step 3

There will be connections for the door handle mechanism and also for the door lock. You will need to disconnect these to get the old door handle out. This may involve removing some rods for the handle mechanism, and disconnecting the lock.

Replacing the door handle

Once these are disconnected remove the old handle and place the lock in the new one connecting it back into place. Re-connect the rods for the handle mechanism, ensuring they are both connected properly.

Step 1

Connect both the bolts and screws that hold the handle to the door, ensuring they are fastened tightly. Now check that the handle works properly by closing and opening the door.

Step 2

Check the lock is working by locking and unlocking it with the key. When both of these are functioning as they should, it's now time to put the panel back on.

Step 3

Fit the panel back in place, ensuring the electrical connections are re-connected if you have electrics on your door.

And Finally...

Screw the screws back in to secure the panel to the door. The process replacing the door handle is now successfully completed.