Monday 23rd July 2012
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General guide on how to replace a car door hinge yourself Estimated time: 1 hour Difficulty: Medium

Step 1

Begin by opening the door that you want to replace the door hinge. There will be electrical connections that need disconnected before you can begin to look at taking the door off. Disconnecting any electrical connections is essential to begin this job. Once these are safely disconnected, you can remove the spring which holds the door open. This is located underneath the top hinge and you will need a pry bar or similar tool to pry it off.

Step 2

When you have the spring off you can now disconnect the door hinge. You will need a hand at this point. Get someone to take the weight of the door as you remove the hinges. There will be two hinges, one at the top and one at the bottom. The hinges will be held on by either a bolt of a pin. Remove these and then move the door out the way. You will need a wrench or socket set to remove the bolts or a hammer, chisel and pliers to remove the pins. The hinges will be connected to the body of the vehicle at the other end. Remove the bolts or pins from the vehicle and this will remove the old hinges.

Step 3

Fit the new hinges to the vehicle. Bolt them in place, ensuring they are fitted tightly. Get assistance to put the door back on. When someone is holding the door in place bolt the hinges to the door, again ensuring they are fitted correctly.

Step 4

To get the spring back in place you will need a suitable compression tool to hold the spring so you can fit it in place. Put it in place, connecting it to the door at one point and the body at the other. When it’s in place, release the tension to allow the spring to fit directly in place. Test that the door opens and closes as it should.

After replacing a door hinge

Re-connect all electrical connections and this completes the installation.