Wednesday 18th July 2012
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The process of replacing a driver's seat is very similar for most vehicles. Below is a step by step guide on how you can replace the driver's seat yourself.

Estimated time: 10-20 mins        Difficulty: Easy

Manpower: 1-2 persons

Step 1

Begin by sliding the seat as far back as possible, exposing the front two bolts, making it possible to remove these. Remove the front two bolts and then slide the seat as far forward as possible, exposing the two rear bolts. Remove these two bolts and the seat should be free to remove from the vehicle.

Step 2

If the seat is manual then you should be able to remove it like this, but if it is electrical then there will be an electric wire connection to disconnect before you remove the seat. Please Note: The electrical seat will be a lot heavier than the manual seat.

Step 3

Now remove the seat from the vehicle. Remember to watch how you remove the seat as they can be pretty heavy and you will be lifting it from an awkward position. If it’s too heavy, get some assistance.

Fitting the new driver's seat

Now its time to fit the new seat in place.

Step 1

Put it into position with the sliders as far forward as possible or as far back as possible to gain access to the runners.

Step 2

Put the rear bolts in place, securely fastening them to the frame/runners. Again slide the seat as far back as possible and fit the two front bolts, ensuring they are fitted tightly.

And Finally...

That is the front driver’s seat fitted. Slide it back and forward to ensure it is fitted correctly. Check one last time that all bolts are securely fastened.