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Easy to follow guide on how to replace an electric window winder mechanism yourself.

Estimated time: 1-2 hours                               Difficulty: Medium

When working with any electrical parts you should always remember to begin your work by disconnecting the battery. Loosen the nut on the negative connector, to remove the negative connection. Repeat for the positive connection. It has to be done in this order to prevent any sparks. Please read this if you need to know how to fit a manual window winder mechanism.

Step 1

Start unscrewing the screws on the inner door panel. There will be many different screws placed around the panel and depending on your make and model of vehicle will determine their exact location. You will have to unscrew the door handle and other parts to remove the panel. You may also need to pop the panel off at the edges.

Once you have undone all the visible screws gently pull at the corners of the panel to pop open the clips as mentioned below.

Step 2

Once you have removed all the screws, start to unclip the panel by grabbing on a corner and slowly pulling on the panel, working your way around the panel until it is all unclipped.

There will be electrical connections behind the panel which you will need to disconnect in order to totally remove the panel.

There will most likely be a water shield behind the panel, protecting the electrical components. Carefully remove this, as you don’t want to rip it.

Step 3

You will need to separate the window from the winder mechanism. This is held on by two bolts, unlock these bolts and pull the window fully up, taping it to the window or using a wooden or rubber wedge to hold it in place.

There are three bolts holding the motor to the door frame, undo the bolts, unclip the electrical connection and remove the motor from its position. There are more bolts holding the mechanism in place, undo these and lift the mechanism and motor from behind the frame and pull out.

It can be a little awkward taking the parts in and out from behind the door frame, but a little movement and manoeuvrability will get them in or out.

Step 4

Now you have the broken mechanism out, you can start to install the new mechanism. Get the mechanism behind the door frame and slide the mechanism into place, and then the motor into position. Bolt these into place to firmly connect the mechanism to the frame.

Step 5

Connect the electrical connection to the motor and get your electrical door switch unit and connect it to the electrics ready for testing. Test the winder mechanism by pressing the window up and down button, watching that the mechanism is moving up and down accordingly.

Fitting the electric window winder mechanism

Time to fit the window back into the mechanism.

Step 1

Remove the tape or wedges, remembering to hold tightly to the window and slide the window down into position. Once in position lock the two nuts holding the window in place.

Step 2

Test again with the window in position to make sure it opens fully and closes properly.

Step 3

Put the water shield back in place, remembering to pull the electrical connections through the plastic. When this is on you can put the panel back on, screwing it all in place to secure the panel to the door frame.

Screw the handle and other parts back in place. This completes the electric window winder mechanism installation.