Wednesday 25th July 2012
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This is an overview of how to replace an engine

Estimated time: Full day                                             Difficulty: Very Hard

This is a massive job to replace an engine so you will need to remember and label all the different parts that you remove and place the screws in plastic bags or something similar. By labelling these, you will know which part they belong to.

Step 1

Make sure the vehicle is situated on a level surface and that the area is well lit. You will need enough room to get the hoist in and out.

To get the engine right out of the vehicle you will need to remove the bonnet, which is described in the: how to replace a bonnet page.

Step 2

Once the bonnet is removed, you will need to disconnect the battery, and get a few containers ready as you will be draining different fluids from the vehicle. First of all drain the coolant from the radiator and disconnect the hoses, remove the fan and then the radiator. There are pages on our blog showing how to remove the fan and radiator.

Step 3

Disconnect the air intake system, fuel lines, remembering to catch any fuel into a container. There will be parts such as the power steering pump and air con pump, which again we have pages telling how to remove these parts.

Step 4

There will be several electrical connections to the motor, disconnect these and then disconnect the exhaust manifold and any other parts still on the engine block. Now you can jack up the vehicle to work underneath. When jacked up place blocks or stands underneath to take the weight of the vehicle.

Step 5

Remove any exhaust connections; unbolt the torque converter and any other parts that need to be removed before you disconnect the transmission.

Step 6

You will need to place the jack underneath the transmission, ready to take the weight when you disconnect it from the engine. Remove any bolts connecting the transmission to the engine and then remove the bolts from the transmission to cross member. Disconnect the transmission from the motor and this should free the engine from the transmission.

Step 7

When everything is disconnected from the engine you can remove the jack stands or blocks to let the vehicle down.

Step 8

Get the hoist and engine leveller ready and connect the chain to the engine, ensuring it is connected properly. Hoist up slowly until the engine has cleared the vehicle. Being careful you now need to move the engine and place down somewhere safe and out the way.

Fitting the engine

The new engine will be hoisted into position and the above processes reversed until everything is connected and in place. Start the engine and take for a test drive.