Thursday 19th July 2012
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Step by step guide on how to replace a fuel injector yourself.

Estimated time: approx 1 hour                                Difficulty: Medium

Make sure the vehicle is cold, as you will be working with fuel related parts.

Step 1

Begin by removing the fuel injector connectors. Using a pair of pliers, squeeze together the two clips and pull the connection out. Repeat this for each fuel injector. Next you want to use a socket set to loosen off the fuel line from the fuel rail, releasing the pressure so you can take the fuel rail off. This is done by loosening off the nut.

Step 2

Take the bolts off that connect the fuel rail to the cylinder head and once they are disconnected, the fuel rail should just lift right off. When you lift this off you will see the four fuel injectors which you want to change.

Step 3

To remove the injector, pull on it and it should come straight out. When you are installing new injectors, make sure there are new seals on them. You never want to use old seals.

Step 4

A good tip when putting in new injectors is to get some fuel into a small cup and dip the injector in to wet the seals with fuel so that they don’t leak. Just push the new injector into the gap on the fuel rail that you took the old one from.

Step 5

It is best to change all four at the same time to provide an even flow to the engine. Repeat the above processes for the other three injectors.

Replacing the fuel injector

Once the new injectors are in place you need to put the fuel rail back onto the cylinder head.

Step 1

Line up the injectors with the holes on the head and bolt the fuel rail back onto the head. Tighten the fuel line connection to the fuel rail by tightening the nut you loosened off earlier.

Step 2

Click the injector connectors back onto the injectors. You will hear them clicking in place.

Step 3

To get the fuel running through the system again you will need to turn the key in the ignition. Wait 10-20 seconds and fully turn the ignition to start the engine. Once the engine is running, turn it off and go and check for any leaks around the newly installed injectors.

That completes the installation process for the fuel injector.