Wednesday 25th July 2012
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This is an overview of how to replace a grill

Estimated time: 30 mins                                             Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Grill comes in different sizes and shapes. The process of removing the grill from the car is fairly similar for all cars.

General guide on how to remove and replacing a grill

Step 1

Begin by opening the bonnet of the vehicle to gain access to the rear of the grill. There will be four nuts and bolts holding the grill in place.

Step 2

Get a socket set, wrench or similar tool to remove the nuts, using the appropriate size head.

Step 3

Once the four bolts are removed, push the grill towards the engine to click it out of place and then you can lift it out.

Step 4

Take your new unit and put it in place, making sure that the locater pins are in the right place and that all the bolts are showing out the rear. Push it towards the engine to click it into place and pull it down and it will lock in place to the bumper cover.

Step 5

Once it is in place you can put the nuts on the bolts and then tighten them, remembering not to tighten them to much as it is plastic that it’s tightening to.

And finally...

When all the bolts are tightened, close the bonnet lid and the installation is complete.