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General guide on replacing an indicator unit.

Estimated time: 30 mins                                         Difficulty: Easy

This job is showing the changing of a front right hand side indicator unit.

Step 1

Begin by disconnecting the negative terminal on the battery as you are working with electrical parts and don’t want any parts to get damaged. Remove the black negative cable by loosening the connection.

Step 2

Underneath the front right side of the bonnet you will see a screw or two holding the unit in place, remove these. When the screws are removed the unit should be able to slide out. It may take a bit of force, so try gently prying it out with a flat head screwdriver.

Step 3

Once you have popped the old unit out you will need to disconnect the electrical connection. Unclip the connection and the old unit can be completely removed. You will also need to remove the indicator bulb. Push this down and twist to remove the bulb.

Step 4

Fit the bulb into the new unit. Connect the electrical connection to the new unit, by clicking it in place. Now slide it into place. It may take a little gently knocking in as the rubber seals will fit tightly. When you have the unit in place, screw the screws in behind the bonnet.

Reconnect the indicator unit

Re-connect the negative terminal on the battery and check that the indicator is working by turning on the ignition and switching the ignition stalk to the right. This completes the installation.