Thursday 19th July 2012
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Easy guides on how to replace a radiator Fan yourself.

Estimated time: 1 hour                                      Difficulty: Medium

Step 1

Begin by disconnecting the negative battery terminal. Undo the bolt to loosen off the connection and then pull the wire away from the battery. This well help stop any sparks or damage to electrical parts and yourself.

Step 2

You will need to jack the vehicle up, preferably on ramps to gain access to the underneath of the vehicle. There could be a protective plastic cover which you will need to unbolt. Using a socket set or similar tool, undo the bolts and remove the cover.

Step 3

Underneath the radiator on the driver’s side there are two bolts that will need loosened off. Next to the radiator hose there is an electrical connection which connects the radiator to the fan; unclick this connection to disconnect the fan.

Step 4

Back at the top of the radiator there are four bolts holding the radiator to the bracket which connects to the body of the vehicle. Remove these bolts to give your self a bit flexibility working round this area.

Step 5

There are two bolts holding the radiator fan to the radiator, these need to be removed. There is also a hose that connects the radiator to the coolant bottle, disconnect this to give yourself some manoeuvrability to get the fan out. Pull the fan out.

Fitting the new radiator fan

Time to install the new fan.

Step 1

Slide the new fan into place and put the two top bolts in to hold it in place. Re-connect the hose to the coolant bottle and make sure the radiator is in its right place. Now you can put the brackets back on top and fasten the four bolts to the body to secure the radiator in place.

Step 2

Back underneath the vehicle you can put the two bolts back on to secure the bottom of the fan to the radiator. Connect the electrical connection to the fan by clicking it in place. If your vehicle has a plastic cover underneath, bolt this back in place.

Step 3

Lower the jack or take the vehicle off the ramps. Re-connect the negative terminal on the battery and tighten the bolt. This should complete the installation.