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Easy guide on how to replace a rear suspension strut yourself

Estimated time: 2 hours                                               Difficulty: Medium

Open the boot of your vehicle and lift up the carpet. In the rear corner of the boot, under the carpet you will see the top of the suspension strut. Using your 11mm socket set unlock the nut.

Step 1

You now need to raise the vehicle using a jack, getting the wheel a couple of inches off the ground. Unlock the wheel nuts and take off the wheel.

Step 2

There will be a bolt at the bottom of the suspension strut that you will need to remove. If it’s a bit tight apply some oil to it to loosen it up. Unlock this bolt and remove the bolt by lifting the wheel hub up slightly to release the bolt.

Step 3

There are two bolts holding the suspension strut to the top of the wheel arch. Remove these bolts, but when removing the second bolt hold onto the suspension strut so it doesn’t fall off. When bolts are removed move the old suspension strut out the way.

Step 4

When fitting the new suspension strut in place, the stud at the top will fit into the hole at the top of the wheel arch. Once this is in place put the two bolts in, securing them tightly.

Step 5

Slide the bottom of the suspension strut into the bracket, connecting it to the wheel hub. Once in place put the bolt through and tighten securely.

This complete the installation of suspension strut

Once all bolts are on securely, put the wheel back on and tighten the wheel nuts. Lower the jack and now put the nut back onto the top of the suspension strut in the boot of the vehicle. Tighten this nut securely and this will complete the installation.