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Guide on how to replace a side door window yourself.

Estimated time: 1-2 hours                                               Difficulty: Medium

Check out the simple steps below to install the door glass for your vehicle.

Step 1

First of all make sure that the door window is wound down to its fullest. If you have electric windows then its best that you disconnect the negative connection on the battery as this prevents any sparks. It helps to stop any damage to the electrical components of the vehicle.

Step 2

As most vehicles have some form of electrics in the door window, its best that you disconnect the battery even if its not electric windows you have on your vehicle.

Step 3

Now you will have to remove the door panel. There will be screws holding the panel in place. Unscrew these screws. Depending on the make of your vehicle will determine where these screws are. Store the screws in a safe place.

Step 4

There will be parts like the door handle, speaker covers etc that will need to be unscrewed to get the door panel off. If it’s a manual winding door window you will have to take the handle off. This can be done with a small flat headed screwdriver or a specialist tool that you can purchase from any parts shop.

If it is electric windows or you have any electric switches, then you should disconnect the electric connections for the door window, door locks etc.

Step 5

Once you have removed all these parts the panel is ready to pull off. As you pull at one corner of the panel it will start to click out. Continue round the panel, unclipping the clips until the panel is removed.

If there is any broken glass or debris inside the door then remove these now. Watch you don’t cut yourself. You also may need to remove the speaker by unscrewing it to gain full access to the window winder mechanism.

Step 6

When putting the new window into the door, slide it through the gap between the door and inside frame, and clip into brackets on winder mechanism. The window may just clip into place or there may also be screws or bolts on the mounts to secure it in place.

Step 7

Once the door window has been slotted in, tighten the screws or bolts with either a screwdriver or socket. Put the other parts back in place, speakers etc, remember to connect the electric connections if you have any. Then you can clip the panel back on.

Final step in replacing a door window

Insert the remaining screws, handles, manual winders etc. Test that the door window is working as it should.

This completes the door window installation.